crush flu

Can our COVID prevention CRUSH our Flu Season too?

I hope you and your families had a smooth Back to School and adjusted to the new protocols.  As we wonder what Halloween will look like this year - the Flu season is also upon us soon. 

While the health organizations worldwide are preparing for what is to come, we can all do our part.  Many of these "behavioral changes" are actually common sense and doable, like mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing. 

I also believe many of the precautions taken to protect ourselves and others for Covid will also help us CRUSH our Flu Season. Australia has gone through much of theirs and the data confirmed it. Never mind the curve, looks like they did NOT have a flu season at all (look at the red line)!! 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

Australia Flu curve

Let's all do our part to protect and take care of each other! 💪💪