Recommendations on 3-ply masks (and Required at some schools)

Recommendations on 3-ply masks (and Required at some schools)

Since our last email on Double Masking, new studies from the CDC and Public Health Agency of Canada are now recommending 3-ply masks for sufficient protection, especially in anticipation of the variants that are already in the community.

Some Schools now require 3-ply masks for Return to School

Among our friend groups, we also saw schools updating policies requiring 3-ply fabric (with filter) or medical masks for students to return to school.

That means many of the 2-ply masks (with no pockets for additional filter) purchased at retailers like Old Navy and Costco are NO LONGER ACCEPTED by schools.

Check with your school or local school board to make sure you have the right masks for protection and returning to school!

Another layer of protection': Feds now recommend three-layer masks with filters (from CTV)

Masks should fit better or be doubled up to protect against coronavirus variants, (from Washington Post)

Should you double up on your face masks? (from CTV)

Time to double or upgrade masks as coronavirus variants emerge (from Washington Post)

Quoting from the article:

"The CDC conducted experiments last month to test the effectiveness of mask combinations: A three-ply surgical mask blocked 42% of particles from a simulated cough, and a three-ply cloth mask blocked 44%. But a cloth mask covering a medical mask blocked 92% of the particles, the report said."

Regardless of what mask you wear, fit and the additional layer are important.


All Uniqmasks are 3-ply with nose wire for good fit and pocket for optional filter

We designed our masks to be comfortable, well-fitted with the optional pocket for replaceable filters.

If you are getting this email now, chances are you already know and enjoy the quality, comfort and design. (not to mention the cool styles!)

If you have friends or families (especially with children) that will need to buy 3-ply masks to return to school soon, please share this information with them!

Take Care and be Safe everyone!