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Recommendations on 3-ply masks (and Required at some schools)

Since our last email on Double Masking, new studies from the CDC and Public Health Agency of Canada are now recommending 3-ply masks for sufficient protection, especially in anticipation of the variants that are already in the community. Some Schools now require 3-ply masks for Return to School Among our friend groups, we also saw schools updating policies requiring 3-ply fabric (with filter) or medical masks for students to return to school. That means many of the 2-ply masks (with no pockets for additional filter) purchased at retailers like Old Navy and Costco are NO LONGER ACCEPTED by schools. Check with your school or local school board to make sure you have the right masks for protection and returning to...

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What is all this talk about Double Masking?

What is all this talk about Double Masking? Recently there is a debate about whether we should double mask. We found a few articles on the topic that may be helpful. Should you double up on your face masks? (from CTV) Time to double or upgrade masks as coronavirus variants emerge (from Washington Post) Dr. Fauci: Double-masking makes ‘common sense’ and is likely more effective (from CNBC) So - Should we Double Mask? Whether you double masks may depend on your own situation or the environment you are visiting. Our OPINION is that you need options based on the particular occasion. Perhaps reusable fabric masks when you take a walk outside alone, add a filter if you go to a...

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