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UNIQMASKS at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery

We are really proud to announce that you can now find UNIQMASKS at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa!    Thank you for RMG's support by showcasing Canadian designers and makers in your gift shop. The Robert McLaughlin Gallery has reopened following the provincial guideline regarding COVID health and safety protocols. Visit at 72 Queen Street, Civic Centre, Oshawa, Ontario  Or find out more at their website!  

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More Masks than Jellyfish?

The Covid-19 Pandemic not only caused enormous harm to human lives and economies, the environment also suffered as well.  For all the right reasons, we switched "back" to one-time use products (take out containers, PPEs). Billions of masks and gloves are used and disposed of every day - where would they end up? Scientists in Europe and Asia have already found "a glut of" discarded single-used masks and gloves washing up the shoreline and littering the seabed.   What can we each do to help?   More Masks than Jellyfish: How face masks, gloves and other coronavirus waste are polluting the ocean:  

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Why we started UNIQMASKS

Early in the pandemic, there was a very polarized debate on whether face masks would slow the spread of Covid-19.  People and countries who experienced or are aware of SARS would know masks helped, and the social norm in some countries is that wearing a face mask is about being Responsible, not selfish nor against freedom as perceived in other cultures. Wearing a face mask does not make us invincible, but is a small action we can each take and make everyone else better off.  We can see our friends and family sooner, we can get back to work and school sooner, we can protect each other. Lockdowns and Isolation are to buy time and not sustainable.  We wanted to...

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